Brass Chats Episode 26: Allan Dean


We bet lubes to doughnuts that you've never seen Chameleon played on a cornetto before  this. We'll even give you 12 to 1 odds. know...if we win, you have to buy 1 bottle of valve oil from us, and if you win, we have to buy you a dozen doughnuts. In fact, you'd probably buy yourself the dozen doughnuts anyway because you can't be trusted around doughnuts. We understand. Once you go get your doughnuts, return right here and eat them in front of this month's Brass Chat, which (if you couldn't tell from the above link) was clearly one of the coolest subjects we have ever had. The guy is a genius and it was immensely enjoyable hearing his perspectives on life, music, trumpet, and tennis. Here ya go.