Brass Chats Episode 11: Mark Gould

Two things to learn about Mark Gould, if you don't already know them. 1: He was principal trumpet of the Met Opera for an absolutely staggering 29 years; and 2: He's a man that says what he means, and means what he says. This makes for a veritable storm of interestingness constantly surrounding him, from his side project Pink Baby Monster (performances sometimes usually NSFW), to running for president in 2012, to his students' total infestation of the professional trumpet scene (obviously in large part wrought by his teachings), and NOW—to one of our best Brass Chats yet. To preserve the integrity of our interview subject, this interview has NOT been edited for foul language or content. Parents, your kids have heard these words before, we promise (Joel, for example, learned the F-word in—wait for it—Sunday School, from his cousin...when he was six. Your kids know the words.)—but all the same, heads up!