Brass Chats Episode 32: Trent Austin

If trumpet star Trent Austin had a baseball card, the back of it would show stats like: 

  • Pitches: R (click for proof)

  • Bats: R

  • Owns: Austin Custom Brass (click to visit)

  • Teachers: Findlay Brothers, Clark Terry, Thomas Stevens, Gabriel probably

  • Usable Range: seventeen octaves

  • Position: All around, every style, every note

  • Equipment: Adams Instruments (linked), makes his own mouthpieces, but could play any music on any trumpet ever made with any mouthpiece 

  • Number of lips needed to play actual music on the trumpet: one, possibly zero

We were super excited to score an interview with Trent, who's a renaissance man, an incredible trumpet player, and an all-around great dude. Tune in to see how Trent does it, and also to hear him talk trumpet technique, mouthpiece/equipment selection, his longtime friendship with Clark Terry, his dream jazz combo, and much more, including the always entertaining Monster Round.

After you're done learning tons from Trent, go check out his FANTASTIC shop Austin Custom Brass (linked). Go drop by for a visit in person too—Trent's a great hang and interactions with him makes you a happier, better person and trumpet player.