Brass Chats Season 2, Episode 4: Stephen Burns

Pierre Thibaud. Bill Vacchiano. Arnold Jacobs. Armando Ghitalla. Roger Voisin. Besides trumpet influence, what do these guys have in common? Well, if we're writing it here, you can probably guess: this month's Brass Chatter, Stephen Burns. Oh yeah: Mel Broiles. Håkan Hardenberger. Tom Stevens. Others. Stories abound and we get great stuff from each one. 

How much do you practice? it's not as much as Steve high school. Let alone later on in life. Want to hear about the kind of focus it takes to win the 1st Grand Prix in the Maurice André International Competition? Your clues lie within...

Perhaps most importantly is a question we should all be asking ourselves: what is the modern trumpet player? What is the modern musician? Just how the hell are we supposed to get audiences, make money, build a reputation, and create new music, assuming we can ever figure out how to play the damned instrument in the first place? It's all in there. The key is here.

He's a man who forged his own path. He's a thinker. He's a trumpet genius. He's Steve Burns. And now, he's a Brass Chatter! So get going. And make sure you watch all the way to the end. And thanks, Steve!!

Love, - Monsters