Brass Chats Season 2, Episode 6: Tony Prisk

He practiced five hours a day for like ten straight years, keeping detailed logs the entire time, and he shares these logs with his students.

He played with a good handful of principal trumpets in Houston, informing his second-trumpet expertise more than nearly any other player—ever.

He almost stopped playing in Houston 'cause he couldn't figure trumpet out. 

He rides escalators in the wrong direction.

He changed his trumpet playing completely using a dental apparatus (could you do the same?'s like a get-good-quick scheme. People like that, right? You guys like that?).

It's been a "long time" since he cried himself to sleep. (sure, Tony.)

He has the inside scoop on what it's like to play with Dave Bilger.

And of course—he passed the Monster Round with flying colors.

He is.....the Most Interesting Second Trumpet Player in the World.

Monster Lesson: when your creative juices aren't flowing, steal and modify something someone else has created. This applies HEAVILY to trumpet. And jazz. And making blog posts. We'd like to thank Dos Equis Beer. Prost, Prisk, and enjoy this month's installment of Brass Chats!!!