Brass Chats Episode 8: Karin Bliznik

Karin Bliznik Trumpet Brass Chats.jpg

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Karin Bliznik is a boss. There's not much more to say than that. We were late to the interview (weather), had to smooth-talk our way into using an empty room in a really, really fancieiye hotel room for the interview, and had to make sure that we got Karin on her way with enough time to get to Carnegie Hall so that she could make Tchaik 4 and other stuff sound really easy; despite all of these parameters, she came through with one of our best Brass Chats Interviews to date. We hope to snag her again in the future for some more chatting, because this one wasn't long enough—but for now, you'll just have to watch this and like it. Thanks Karin!