Brass Chats Episode 12: Mike Roylance

Mike Roylance Tuba Brass Chats.jpg

Finally! A NON-trumpet player on Brass Chats. We know what you're thinking: "what does a NON-trumpet sound like? who makes them? how much do they cost? what size mouthpiece am I supposed to use? Will it help me with my double high-C?" Ha, ha, smart-alec, very funny. Tell your jokes to your mom why don't you, she always laughs at me. I... ...wait a minute, who was I insulting again? Boy, what a digression—back on topic, Monsters: TUBA great Mike Roylance joins us this month! He's principal tubist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, played with our very own Tom Brown when they were both in the Chicago Civic Orchestra, and has an instrument rating. Find out why that has absolutely nothing to do with music—and many more tips, tricks, stories, and more—on this month's Brass Chats!