Brass Chats Episode 5: Peter Bond

Peter Bond Trumpet Brass Chats.jpg

Peter Bond has been playing trumpet for the Metropolitan Opera (New York) since its inception in 1883. Since then, the Met has grown to become the largest classical music organization in America, and is unarguably one of America's national artistic treasures. We prodded Pete for his accumulated wisdom from the past 133 years, and more importantly, found out who his favorite superhero is. Bet you won't guess it! ...also this interview barely happened: as we were finishing up the Monster Round, an NYPD cop comes over and tells us "hey, you can't film here without a permit." You might not believe us, but all four of us shouted in unison "YEAH WHATEVER MAN WE WERE ALREADY DONE SO TOO BAD FOR YOU, GOTTA BE QUICKER THAN THAT" and kicked over a trash can and ran away. It was so rad