Brass Chats Season 2, Episode 10: Chad Winkler

Brass Chats Interview with Chad Winkler

Chad Winkler is magical, on so many levels. Well…at least two: …okay, two and a half:

First level, obviously, would be his trumpet prowess. Second level, there’s this. …I know, right?! And the half-level? Chad tells us his favorite magician in the famous Monster Round.

Why on earth do you care about that? …You don’t, of course. But maybe you will care about:

  • What he learned from George Vosburgh

  • Chad playing the Posthorn solo at Mahler’s grave

  • Chad’s obsession with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

  • The best horns Chad’s ever played

  • The meanest thing he’s ever said to a student

  • How a warmup should never last more than ten minutes

  • and much more.

Intrigued? Tantalized? Invigorated? Motivated? Fumigated? CONSTIPATED?!?! US TOO!!!!!!!!

Enough poop jokes. Go get better at music! It’s BRASS CHATS. Hit it!

Love - Monsters.