Brass Chats Season 2, Episode 11: Thomas Gansch

Brass Chats Interview with Thomas Gansch

Here is our prescribed method for watching this, our latest installment of Brass Chats, in FOUR easy steps:

  1. If you’ve never watched Thomas Gansch and Mnozil Brass perform before, find them on Youtube and watch them blow a couple tunes out of the water. If you’re already familiar with them, go watch your favorite one

  2. Search for your jaw on the floor, wipe your tears away, mend the shattered pieces of your broken heart, and pull yourself back together as you get ready for step 3

  3. Watch this interview with our new favorite human being, Thomas Gansch

  4. Go back, armed with what you now know about fearlessness, individuality, sound concepts, performing concepts, artistry, emotion, theater, Al Pacino, and much more, and repeat step 1 for a whole new experience

This method will be the best hour and a half you’ll spend all year on becoming a better artist. If we still haven’t sold you (which, why are you even on this page), within this Brass Chat you will find Thomas Gansch’s ruminations on:

  • the beginnings of Mnozil

  • the correct and incorrect pronunciations of Mnozil

  • the key to cosmic understanding

  • finding his own musical identity

  • falling in love with jazz

  • the best trumpet player that has ever walked this planet

  • how much he practices per day

  • who he wants to play at his funeral

  • the most important thing in life (spoiler alert: it may or may not be five hundred dubba C’s in a row)

  • the secret to his unstoppable endurance

  • his daily warm-up/routine

  • Mark Gould

  • his biggest vice

…and much more. Eat up, you savages!



PS: if you’ve never seen Mnozil, start looking for the next time they come to town. It is a different, much better experience than watching them online, and is worth missing your grandma’s birthday, or taco night, or church, or your kid’s recital, or your kid’s first steps, or your kid’s birth, or whatever you people do in your free time. Cheers!