Brass Chats Episode 18: Carl Saunders

Carl Saunders Trumpet Brass Chats.jpg

LA Studio and Jazz player Carl Saunders has been described as "the best trumpet player you've never heard of." Well, we hope to change that with this month's Brass Chat because he's ridiculous. The guy can do anything with a horn, was generous with his time and talents, and plays a lot of trumpet during this interview, which was a real treat for us; hearing Carl solo is like...uh...pouring melted chocolate into a glass of red wine, them mixing that with honey and pouring it over some ice cream or something. It's a terrible analogy, just ignore us, you're not here for the blogging skills anyway; just believe us when we say that he is good at soloing. Welcome to sunny California for this month's installment of Brass Chats!