Brass Chats Episode 17: Monster Round With the Monsters

Monster Oil Trumpet Brass Chats.jpg

You asked for it? You got it: Here's the three handsomest members of Monster Oil, giving you an inside look at their streams of consciousness as they test themselves during the Monster Round. So many of you asked for this we had to do it. Our inbox was overflowing. For weeks on end, maybe months, all communications to us were along the lines of "sure, it was nice to hear Ray Mase's thoughts on what makes a great student, and yeah, listening to Mike Martin tell stories about his early Boston Symphony days was good, but what I'd really like to see is more of you guys asking each other stupid questions and giving stupid answers in return." ...well, your wait is over—so you can stop emailing us about it now. We hope that you, our adoring public, enjoy this rare offering. Cheers!